WyldLife West Kelowna

We are actively looking to continue the work of Young Life and WyldLife in West Kelowna - If you or someone you know is interested in supporting the work and growth of Young Life and WyldLife in West Kelowna please contact us

What is WyldLife?

WyldLife is a place where Middle Schoolers can belong! In the Central Okanagan we strive to create meaningful, mentoring relationships between leaders and teenagers in Middle School. We welcome you! Grade 6-9 can be a tough environment and so here in WyldLife we provide a space of adventure, fun, and freedom. 

Young Life has WyldLife Staff and Volunteers that leave their own environment and enter the world of a teen – as a friend and a mentor.

Someone who will listen,  love and walk alongside them providing a safe space where they have a sense of belonging – wherever they’re at.


Creating a space where teens can feel seen and heard in todays world is so important to us that we want to help!

Our volunteers develop strong and lasting bonds, and create a space where questions about life and faith in Jesus can be explored and discussed.

The difference between a young person struggling through school or becoming a successful individual can be influenced by one positive role model!

The power of a safe place to be yourself and to be a part of something greater than yourself is immeasurable;  WyldLife  in the Central Okanagan and it’s team of staff and volunteers aim to provide role models and experiences to help youth all across our community

If you would like to know more about WyldLife in the Central Okanagan please contact

Micah Lindsay @ mlindsay@younglife.ca –  We want to hear from you, you’re invited! 

If you would like to connect about furthering the work of Young Life or WyldLife in West Kelowna please contact our Area Director 

Briane Hogeveen @ bhogeveen@younglife.ca