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What is WyldLife?

WyldLife is a place where Middle Schoolers can belong! In the Central Okanagan we strive to create meaningful, mentoring relationships between leaders and teenagers in Middle School. We welcome you! Grade 6-9 can be a tough environment and so here in WyldLife we provide a space of adventure, fun, and freedom. 

Young Life has WyldLife Staff and Volunteers that leave their own environment and enter the world of a teen – as a friend and a mentor.

Someone who will listen,  love and walk alongside them providing a safe space where they have a sense of belonging – wherever they’re at.


Creating a space where teens can feel seen and heard in todays world is so important to us that we want to help!

Our volunteers develop strong and lasting bonds, and create a space where questions about life and faith in Jesus can be explored and discussed.

The difference between a young person struggling through school or becoming a successful individual can be influenced by one positive role model!

The power of a safe place to be yourself and to be a part of something greater than yourself is immeasurable;  WyldLife  in the Central Okanagan and it’s team of staff and volunteers aim to provide role models and experiences to help youth all across our community

Our Programs

In WyldLife we have 4 different programs during the week and throughout the year where teens can stay connected to leaders

Contact Work

Contact work is where is first happens. Leaders and staff go out into the world on teens and hang out with them. How cool! Contact Work is a vital part of WyldLife where leaders spend time with teens; at school and sporting events, malls, coffee shops, skate parks or wherever they hang out. We love Dairy Queen!


What Middle Schooler doesn’t love snacks, games, friends, music, and goofy times with their leaders. Club is the name of the regular meetings hosted by WyldLife volunteer leaders and staff for their teen-aged friends.  It is launched by the relationships they have built through contact work.  These meetings are attended by teens in Grades 6-9 and includes music, humour and a talk about the Christian faith. Here in Kelowna we hang out every other Thursday at 7pm until 8:30pm during the school year. 


Do you ever have big life questions? Questions about God, faith, or maybe just even about life. Campaigners is the place where we do those things. We get together every other week from 7:00pm until 8:30pm and talk about life things. No matter where you’re at in your faith journey You Are Welcome!


Camp is the real deal. This is the time of the year that is the highlight for teens. Camp helps us focus on what matters most – fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance.  A unique aspect of our camping program is that teens attend with their leader they’ve come to know throughout the school year. RockRidge Canyon, located near Princeton, BC is our very own Young Life Camp. Many teens leave YL camp saying it was “the best week of my life”! and we love that we get to walk along side them while they do that. 

Learn more about RockRidge Canyon


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